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Our purpose – what motivates us?

Equality, equity, inclusivity and the whole person

Values – what guides our work?
•    Know the individual well                                  
•    Happiness & achievement 
•    Character for living and learning
•    Effective relationships

How do we know our impact?
We ask ourselves 5 key questions
•    Do you know me? 
•    Do you hear me? 
•    Can I trust you? 
•    Is this place fair for me? 
•    Do you let me fly? 

We want our children to be…
Happy & Healthy Achievers

Children who are happy, secure and emotionally literate. They engage with others and with the learning. They are thriving and achieve their potential.    Life-Long Learners

Children who love learning, who learn from their mistakes, keep trying & don’t give up!  Children who are ready for the next steps ahead.    

Life-long Learners

Children who love learning, who learn from their mistakes, keep trying and don't give up!Children who are ready for the next steps ahead.

Respectful Communicators

Children who can communicate their wants, needs, feelings, taking others views into account. They follow instructions and understand the need for boundaries. They are aware that people communicate in different ways and support each other to do so.    

Collaborative Problem-solvers

Children who learn from and with others, respecting and valuing them. They are active and take risks in their daily experiences.

Contact Us
01785 246159Greenhall Schooloffice@greenhall.staffs.sch.ukSecond Ave, Stafford ST16 1PS
The Creative Learning Patnership Trust