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The School Day

Our day at Greenhall begins at 9am when children arrive on taxis and with their family. Staff come out to greet them and to take children back to their classroom area. 

Registration closes at 9.30am. 

Each class follows a slightly different structure, based on the needs of the children. For example, the children in Hedgehogs take part in a Task Series at 9.30am, learning how to change place and position. Children in Foxes, Robins and Squirrels will take part in a sensory circuit. 

The day is a mixture of adult-led, structured activities and continuous provision. Resources are carefully selected and attention is given to ensure that they are appropriate to the childrens’ interests and age and stage of development. 

The children have the opportunity to develop their choice-making and self-help skills at morning snack and lunchtime. The whole day is seen as a learning opportunity and children are encouraged to be as independent as possible - we are laying the foundations for later learning and, even at this young age, preparing our children for adulthood. 

Our school day starts at 9am and ends at 2.45pm (28.75 hours a week) when we begin to load children onto their taxis ready for their journey home. 

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