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School for Parents

What is School for Parents?

‘School for Parents’ (SFP) is based on the principles of Conductive Education. It is available for parents of very young children, promoting the importance of Early Intervention. SFP provides the opportunity for parents to come with their child, work with them in a group setting, learn ways to help their child and tasks they can practice at home. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet other parents, build relationships and provide mutual support. By teaching parents how to promote their child’s development and learning, we are actively encouraging them to be involved throughout their child’s school career, whether that will be at Greenhall or elsewhere.

When does it run?

We are not currently running a SFP group but this is something that we are eager to do in the future. To express an interest in joining this, please contact us. 

How do I find out more?

To find out more about SFP please contact the school office on 01785 246159 and ask for Jo.