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As children arrive in the morning they take part in communal activities which establish strong levels of interest. Many parents join in with these activities and have time to settle their children and support their learning. Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the standard of education and care. Comments from parents include: ‘The whole atmosphere is welcoming, parents and children really feel part of the school family’  (Ofsted, 2018).


What we learn at Greenhall

At Greenhall, we have a child-centred approach to teaching and learning, tailoring what we do to meet the individual needs of our children. Many children start with us on an early intervention placement at 2 years of age. This provides the opportunity for us to work alongside other professionals and the Local Authority in order to assess the children’s needs and identify what needs to be put in place to meet these needs. We aim to work very closely with parents, sharing what we are doing in the Nursery setting so that parents can build on this at home.

Our approach at Greenhall is holistic. We look at the whole-child, recognising that a difficulty in one area of development can affect a child’s development in another area. Throughout all learning activities, the children are encouraged to be as active and independent as possible. This may look different for individual children, for example, some children may be working on feeding themselves at mealtimes whereas for others, the focus may be on tolerating sitting in a chair at the table for a short period or eye-pointing to make a choice as to what they would like to drink.

We start from what the child can do, identifying next steps and planning for these as part of the teaching and learning process. We celebrate achievement and success in all areas of development.

At Greenhall, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. The whole day is seen as a learning opportunity and we seek to ensure every learning opportunity is maximised!

How we learn

Children learn in different ways and at different rates. At Greenhall, we provide a highly differentiated multi-sensory curriculum that is tailored to the individual needs of the children. We aim to create learners for life and therefore in planning learning activities, careful attention is paid to how we can promote the characteristics of effective learners in our children.

Our planning is topic-based but also takes into account individual interests and preferences.

Recent topics have included ‘All about Me’, ‘Celebrations’ and ‘Spring’.

Our day

Our day at Nursery begins at 9am when the children arrive, either with parents or on transport provided by the Local Authority.

The day comprises both structured and child-initiated activities aimed at developing the children’s skills across all areas of learning. The whole day is carefully planned in order to maximise all learning opportunities. Provision is both indoors and outdoors.

Over the course of the week, all classes have the opportunity to use the hydrotherapy pool. Use of physiotherapy equipment such as standing frames and leg gaiters are incorporated into the daily routine.

After a drink and snack, the children’s day finishes at 2.45pm.

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