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All children at Greenhall will either have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or will be placed with us by the Local Authority on an Early Intervention Placement whilst the EHCP Needs Assessment is undertaken.

In an EHCP, an individual's strengths and needs are identified in the following areas; Communication and Interaction; Cognitive and Learning; Social, Mental and Emotional and Physical and / or Sensory. 

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EHCP reviews

EHCP's are reviewed every 6 months when a child is under 5 years of age and annually when a child is 5. It is vitally important that you attend your child’s EHCP review meeting/s and, before the meeting, go through your child’s EHC plan carefully, looking particularly closely at the education sections B and F, as well as the outcomes in section E.  The annual review is your chance to say if you think the EHCP is still correct or if any changes need to be made to ensure it clearly and accurately reflects your child’s current needs; what they can, and cannot do.  If not, make a list of what you think should be taken out, changed, or added to this part of the EHC Plan.

The purpose of the review meeting is to:

  • Review the child or young person’s progress towards achieving the outcomes specified in the EHCP, and whether the outcomes remain appropriate
  • Review the child or young person’s overall progress over the past year, especially in relation to each area of special educational need (SEN) identified in the EHCP
  • Consider any changes to the child or young person’s special education needs (difficulties), health and/or social care needs, the provision (support) required to meet the needs and, where appropriate, to recommend any changes that might be necessary.
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